Croydon Water Treatment Plant

About the project

The existing WTP was experiencing reliability issues in delivering the desired water quality for the town’s water supply, due to its ageing infrastructure. Maintenance was carried out on the plant’s media and its systems upgraded to ensure that the new water quality targets set by Queensland Health were met.


Croydon, Queensland

Client & Duration

Croydon Shire Council
July 2020 - February 2021

Project Scope

  • The fabrication of new self backwashing pressurised filter vessels and all associated pipe work. These works were pre-tested and commissioned in the Brisbane workshop
  • Upgrades to the chemical dosing set up
  • Removal of the old filter unit, including structural work to facilitate the filter change out
  • Installation of all new components, integration with aspects of the existing treatment plant and assistance with process optimisation in collaboration with the client
  • Ongoing assistance with the network optimisation and management plans


  • The existing WTP was an integrated building which was difficult to dismantle when removing the old filter from the existing structure
  • Issues were experienced with the change over of the chemical dosing equipment requiring on the spot solutions
  • There were some unexpected problems with integration of the old equipment with the new, again requiring on the spot solutions and ready availability of spare parts
  • There was heavy contamination in the treated water line exiting the plant. Pensar provided consultation in this area and resolved it for the Council
  • There were hydraulic issues onsite that required unique and innovative solutions to achieve the desired project outcomes


  • Pensar shut the plant down, retrofitted the upgraded sections and had it back online ahead of the original completion of works program
  • The Council received a plant capable of achieving and exceeding the desired water quality outcomes
  • Additional redundancy was added to a system that was at constant risk of critical failures and supply problems
  • Pensar and Heal Group assisted in providing advice for the management and maintenance changes to the complete network, which will lead to better community and quality outcomes
  • A new trimedia system was installed as part of the upgrade. This is currently quite common, but for the level of technology in the existing plant, and its location, this is a unique media arrangement

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