Churchill Island Bridge Repairs

About the project

Phillip Island Nature Parks engaged Pensar to repair areas of concrete spalling and crack repair to the bridge connecting Phillip Island and Churchill Island. Churchill Island is part of the tourist hub, that is Phillip Island. With a steady stream of tourist buses and vehicles daily, ensuring this bridge is structurally sound and achieving its design life is crucial.


Churchill Island, Victoria

Client & Duration

Phillip Island Nature Parks
May 2019 - August 2019

Project Scope

  • Repair of concrete spalling to concrete piles and headstocks
  • Injection of cracking to the concrete elements
  • Assessing the mechanisms for the potential of corrosion and mechanical failures


  • Working under tidal conditions
  • Working on a one way bridge with high traffic flow
  • Working in challenging conditions - night works over water in temperatures as low as 2 degrees
  • Working in a highly sensitive marine park


  • Works were completed from pontoons, allowing for access to the work area regardless of tidal conditions
  • Working from pontoons allowed for the project to be delivered with no disruption to the community and traffic flow on the bridge
  • A repair methodology was provided to the client upon completion, for guidance on future maintenance
  • Zero environmental incidents, due to effective pre-project planning and understanding the challenges

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