Canungra Erosion and Stairwell Access Upgrade

About the project

The raw water pump station experienced erosion from flood events over the years which resulted in various instability issues such as undermining and structural damage of concrete stairs, including handrailing, and rock-filled mattresses on the upstream and downstream of the intake structure.


Canungra, Queensland

Client & Duration

April 2020 - June 2020

Project Scope

  • Removal of existing damaged infrastructure, including stairs, handrails and handrail strut footings
  • Installation of new steel stairs and hand railing
  • Stabilisation of gabion baskets and mattresses to upstream and downstream banks of the intake structure


  • Due to the Canungra WTP being the only water source to the Canungra area, maintaining water quality through construction was vital to the success of this project
  • The WTP was to remain operational for the duration of the project
  • Majority of the works were located around banks of the Canungra Creek, requiring the establishment of safe temporary access for a suitable excavator
  • Works were to be programmed around seasonal weather conditions, such as rainfall, and Canungra Creek tidal changes
  • Operators access to the intake structure was to be maintained for the duration of the project


  • The construction methodology was adapted, allowing Pensar to self-perform more works which resulted in the completion of the project 2 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Maintained communication with the WTP operators and client to ensure construction works weren’t impacting operations
  • Minimised safety and environmental risks through effective controls such as fencing, silt curtains and engagement of fauna spotter/catcher

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