Brisbane International Cruise Terminal

About the project

The construction of Brisbane’s first dedicated mega-cruise ship terminal will allow Brisbane to accommodate cruise vessels of all sizes including the largest ocean-going cruise ships in the world.


Port of Brisbane, Queensland

Client & Duration

Hindmarsh Construction
March 2019 — May 2020

Project Scope

  • Electrical HV, LV and comms installation
  • Construction of security CCTV infrastructure
  • Construction of stormwater infrastructure including RCP, manholes & gullies and RCBC installation
  • Gravel pavement construction and asphalt placement
  • 1.5km of DN315 PE Potable watermain
  • New 2 x DN150 UU water meter installations
  • 230m of DN400 PE SEQ Reverse Osmosis recycled watermain installation
  • UU DN315 live sewer rising main connection works
  • Sewer gravity main and rising main installation
  • Sewer pump station installation, construction and commissioning
  • Sewer emergency storage tank installation and commissioning


  • The removal and replacement of Acid Sulphate Soils
  • Working in a marine environment required strict environmental controls and works were to be staged around tidal conditions
  • Working in a sand filled site presented ground condition challenges when it came to excavation and installation of services. The site was more susceptible to wind and rain erosion, slowing works
  • Pensar was contracted to work with the client to finalise the design. This resulted in a full redesign and upgrade of the original design
  • Pensar was to engage with the service providers to obtain approvals for the integration and connection to authority service mains


  • Pensar provided PoB a 100% finalised design, offering a practical solution and cost benefit to the client
  • Pensar assisted PoB to introduce renewable energy onsite so that the completed terminal will be self-sufficient, for power supply
  • Due to challenging site conditions and the need for a redesign, Pensar offered constructability advise throughout the project to accommodate the new design and ensure it’s fit for purpose

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