Biloela Clarifier Refurbishment

About the project

The tube settlers in the primary WTP clarifiers were badly degraded, which affected the overall performance of the plant.  This project involved the refurbishment of the entire clarifier and replacement of tube settlers.

Key Capabilities

Water and wastewater treatment plant works; Specialised coatings

Project Location

Moura, Queensland

Client Name

Banana Shire Council

Project Duration

June 2019 - December 2019

Project scope

  • Stripping out the old tube settlers and frame from the WTP’s primary clarifiers
  • Cleaning and repairing concrete
  • Adding a cementitious coating to seal the whole clarifier
  • Installation of a new frame and tube settlers


  • Working efficiently, due to limited storage, manoeuvring and working space inside the clarifiers
  • The remote location of the project caused supply and logistical problems
  • The tube settlers were specifically shaped to fit the clarifier, requiring a high level of accuracy and innovative cutting techniques
  • Access issues due to difficulty isolating each of the two clarifiers
  • The imported tube settlers were heavily UV stabilised, requiring creative gluing procedures and techniques to accommodate this


  • Planning and effective teamwork reduced the overall delivery time, allowing it to be completed a month ahead of schedule
  • Due to Pensar’s experience, innovative solutions were developed to maintain site access
  • Collaboration between the Structures and Water teams ensured the project remained on schedule
  • Positive feedback from Banana Shire Council representatives upon completion