Barge Ramp and Berthing Piles

About the project

This project required Pensar to upgrade barge ramps and berthing piles at Coochiemudlo and Karragarra Island to ensure safe and sustainable access.


Coochiemudlo and Karragarra Islands, Qld

Client & Duration

Redland City Council
March 2018 - September 2018

Project Scope

  • Demolition and excavation of existing ramp components
  • Placement and compaction of 75mm core rock
  • Placement of precast concrete barge ramp plank
  • Installation of cast in-situ concrete slab including integrated anchor beam
  • Construction of grouted rock shoulder
  • Placement of barge ramp toe rock
  • Installation of barge ramp berthing piles and ramp signage


  • Construction was undertaken in a public space and ramp access was to be maintained to local residents throughout
  • Stringent environmental controls and constraints applied due to the location of the project
  • Large tidal movement meant access and construction activities had to be carefully planned and delivered to strict schedules


  • Project was completed on time without delays
  • Maintained positive relationships with primary stakeholders through the duration of the project such as barge operators, Amity Traders and Sealink
  • Project completed whilst working under strict marine parks environmental conditions
  • No recorded environmental incidents
  • Installation of a temporary ramp using heavy duty composite matting, which allowed for uninterrupted vehicle movement while the barge ramp was being constructed

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