Appleton Drive Bridge Repairs

About the project

Due to the infrastructure assets being in a saltwater environment, various problems had arisen including concrete cracking, spalling and steel corrosion attributed to alkali-silica reaction (ASR). Pensar was engaged for the reparation of three separate bridge and culvert structures.


Yeppoon, Queensland

Client & Duration

Livingstone Shire Council
October 2020 - December 2020

Project Scope

  • Expose, treat and repair cracks and underlying reinforcement on bridge piles
  • Form and pour reinforced concrete jackets around the bridge piles to resist further ASR cracking
  • Expose, treat and repair cracks and spalls and underlying reinforcement on underside of bridge deck and culverts
  • Pour/hand pack repairs that had been exposed with high strength grout



  • Considered timing for planned works was required due to varying tides
  • Working in high traffic areas required logistical consideration
  • Were required to adhere to strict environmental precautions due to working in a water environment with large amounts of flora and fauna
  • Accessing infrastructure assets over water and muddy creek beds


  • Pensar developed a system to work with the tidal water and effectively moved (pumping and channelling) water around with minimal disturbance to the environment and the local community
  • Specific products for this project were sourced (including underwater grout and non-deteriorating form tube) that were environmentally friendly and would withstand the surrounding conditions
  • Adjusted the concrete patch repair techniques accordingly on each repair to get the best outcomes in strength and visible finish

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