Amberley RAAF Apron & Taxiway Upgrade

About the project

Upgrade of apron and taxiway at Amberley Air Base in Queensland. The project was part of a $125 Million package of works.

Key Capabilities

Airport infrastructure, Earthworks, Road Construction

Project Location

Amberley, Queensland

Client Name

John Holland Group

Project Duration

June 2008 – November 2009

Project Value

$24.8 Million

Project scope

  • Demolition
  • The preparation of a new 45,000m2 concrete apron including a 150mm lean mix subgrade replacement layer to take the new feet of C17 aircraft.
  • 1.5km full width, full depth paver placed taxiway extension and 3km of taxiway widening.
  • Construction of an explosive ordinance apron to receive artillery drop off to fighter aircraft.
  • Realignment of an existing perimeter road within the base for the new taxiway extension.
  • Construction of open stormwater drains, culverts, stormwater structures and reinforced concrete base fire traps.

Innovations & Highlights

  • Completed on time and within budget to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Works were carried out within an operational defence base.
  • Very stringent safety and security requirements including the important management of any loose foreign objects adjacent to the runway.
  • Pensar worked closely with the consultant to address the best outcome for the project after encountering very poor ground conditions including contaminated soils.
  • Construction of highly complicated reinforced concrete structural base fire traps to the storm water system.
  • Use of a paver for placement of all gravels for the project.
  • Management of the CTB placement due to the time constraints related to importing from Toowoomba to Amberley.