Alexandra Hills Reservoir Refurbishment

About the project

The Alexandra Hills Reservoirs Complex comprises five concrete reservoirs supplying potable water to the Redland Bay Region. Seqwater identified the need for the rehabilitation of these reservoirs, with those subject to the bulk of the works constructed in 1964.


Alexandra Hills, Qld

Client & Duration

February 2019 - June 2019

Project Scope

  • Demolition of 40m structural timber reservoir roofs and replacement with structural steel
  • Removal and replacement of asbestos containing joints on internal reservoir floor slab
  • Dosing, instrumentation and mixer repairs and replacement
  • 3D design and operation scanning
  • Replacement of access stair towers, roof platforms, hatches, ladders, handrails and davit arms
  • Concrete repairs including spalling, cracking and polyurea linings
  • Design and installation of storm water drainage system


The project team experienced a number of challenges during the delivery of this project.

  • The existing liner material on the reservoir walls was out of scope, forcing a rescope of specification
  • Asbestos identified in the floor joints, all removal works were to be completed under asbestos handling conditions
  • The valve replacement was completed under a full reservoir shutdown. A timely completion was critical to limit the impact to the network


  • High quality end result, meeting all the requirements of the client
  • Clearance certificates achieved on completion of asbestos joint removal
  • Exceptional safety and quality achievements
  • Use of ultra-high pressure water blasting robot to reduce manpower and undertake works with semi-automation, creating a safer and more efficient environment
  • 3D scanning used to complete design
  • Works completed efficiently within shutdown period, minimising the impact to the network

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