Pensar’s Regional Road Trip

Australia’s regions are fundamental to the functioning of our cities and the nation. Regions supply much of the necessities of everyday life – from the food we eat to the energy that runs our households and industries. Without the driving force of regional Australia, the strength and vitality of our national economy and the Australian way of life would not be possible.

As Pensar continues to expand geographically and our regional work begins to ramp up, our teams have developed a greater appreciation for regional towns, how they support our nation and how we can give a little back. At Pensar, we love what we do – our teams get satisfaction from applying their technical expertise to create something from nothing or taking ageing infrastructure and adding years to its service life. It’s not just the work we do but, as The Infrastructure People, it’s the people we work with that contributes to our passion for the industry – it’s the characters we meet, the clients we work alongside and the communities in which we work.

Pensar understands that these local communities are a driving force behind the Australian way of life and while working in these communities we encourage our teams to invest in local businesses. From local accommodation to restaurants, entertainment and engaging local labour – our teams submerse themselves in the local way of life for the duration of the project.

Not only is this great for the local economy but it’s allowed us to start a little regional road trip of our own. When our teams return from site, they share stories and a long list of rural gems to add to the must-visit list. So in the spirit of supporting your local, we thought we would share Pensar’s Regional Road Trip – made up of a few of our favourites.

Pensar Project: W19-130 Moura Raw Water Pump Station

Pensar was engaged by Banana Shire Council for the design and construction of a new raw water pump station to replace the existing asset, improving water quality and flood resilience. During the four-month project, Pensar’s team stayed in Moura’s Coal ‘n’ Cattle Hotel.

Moura is a seven-hour drive from Brisbane CBD and the Coal ‘n’ Cattle Hotel makes it well worth the drive. The Hotel is within reach of the Dawson Mine (10mins), Carnarvon Gorge, Caves, the Blacktown tablelands (Bauhinia Downs) and waterfalls. Pensar’s site team stayed in the Coal ‘n’ Cattle for 4 months during construction. All meals were provided during their stay and the adjoining bottle shop provided an excellent local watering hole after a long week on site. The Coal ‘n’ Cattle is the perfect pit stop if you’re looking for a place to rest your head that feels like a home away from home, serving up delicious and substantial meals.

Pensar notable moments: the customer service was outstanding, the staff were always friendly and genuinely cared about the comfort of their guests. Even when the bottle shop fridge broke down, the staff had cold beers on ice for the team.

Special Mention: Jenny, the Venue Manager, was always accommodating and flexible despite our ever-changing roster and last-minute bookings or cancellations.


Pensar Project: Cressbrook Dam Pumpstation Upgrade

Pensar was engaged by Toowoomba Regional Council for the upgrade of the HV and LV Switchgear and Electrical Apparatus at the Cressbrook Dam, improving water security and control.

The Old Fernvale Bakery is a family owned bakery and café, run by friendly staff serving up Epic pies that are a must-try if you’re passing through the area. For Pensar project teams, this was always a highlight on their drive home. Enjoying a pie and grabbing a few extras to take home to the family.

Set on 9 acres of rolling lawns and gardens, Crows Nest Tourist park is quiet and clean, with plenty of space for families, groups and clubs. ​​​You’ll love how the park’s rural surroundings and native wildlife combine to create a truly relaxing stop over before moving on to your next destination. The Pensar Team enjoyed their stay at the park and valued the flexibility around the project team’s roasters, Crows Nest were always more than happy to accommodate the team regardless of the requirements or length of notice.

Special mention: Gerald who runs the place was fantastic to work with and provided Pensar with flexible deals, working within project requirements.

Located on the New England Highway 30 mins north west of Toowoomba, you will find the Grand Old Crow Hotel, the venue has recently been renovated but still maintains a great country style atmosphere. It’s this old pub atmosphere and friendly staff that our Pensar Team enjoyed most about the Old Crow. The top-notch steaks and great service made this a weekly ritual for the whole team.

Located a leisurely 50km drive north east of Toowoomba, Lake Cressbrook should be on your activity hot spot list. If you enjoy the great outdoors, then this lake and reserve has got it all; boating, rowing, fishing, bush walking, sailing, camping, picnicking, kayaking, canoeing and more. Lake Cressbrook was completed in 1983 as part of Toowoomba’s water supply and is set in hills covered by open forest of grey gum and iron bark with areas of grassland. This vegetation provides an attractive habitat for amazing Australian wildlife. Many of our Pensar team members have done multiple trips to the reserve with their families to enjoy the amazing scenery and activities. The council has done a terrific job of looking after the reserve after suffering bushfires earlier in 2020. It’s a beautiful place, our teams get a lot of joy driving to and from site each day.


Pensar Project: W20-230 Cunnamulla Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

Pensar was engaged by Paroo Shire Council for the upgrade of the Cunnamulla Sewage Treatment Plant. The existing infrastructure was outdated and was to be upgraded to meet current standards.

Club Boutique Hotel is located in Cunnamulla’s CBD and offers luxurious and comfortable 1 or 2 bedroom hotel suites and quality meals in the restaurant and bar. The newly renovated hotel is rich in history and the fifth generation, locally born owner is more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge about the town. This home away from home was always clean and tidy, with staff going above and beyond to make Pensar feel welcome and preparing great daily meals for the team. The hotel provides tours and outback experiences for tourists passing through and invited the Pensar Team to all of these events, including dinner on the river and a bonfire/roast night.

Pensar notable moments: Club Boutique staff have been easy going and accommodating, welcoming the team into the town which makes a big difference when working away from home for long periods of time. It really felt like home when their staff dropped fresh, hot smoko deliveries to site for the team.

Special mention: Peieta has gone above and beyond to make Pensar feel welcome and has accommodates everyone.


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