Pensar’s 2022 Safety Event

In our continued commitment to safety excellence, and in recognition of National Safe Work Month, we recently hosted Pensar’s annual safety event.  It was tools down across the company,  where we came together over breakfast to talk about all matters of safety. 

It was insightful to hear from our guest speaker, Queensland Safety Ambassador Shane Webcke on his own experiences and the impact these had on himself and his family, emphasising the importance of creating and sustaining a strong safety culture.

Our team also heard from our Managing Director Karl Yunker who shared a never forgotten safety experience from his early years in construction, Andrew Vigliante launching the Pensar Trump Card and reinforcing Pensar’s commitment to quality PPE requirements and Tamika Aitken spotlighting mental wellbeing awareness and the many support options available.  

To empower ongoing conversations around mental wellness, our people received a TradeMutt shirt as well as gloves and glove hip clips in support of Pensar’s commitment to quality PPE requirements. These initiatives contribute to our continued vision of ensuring that we naturalise safety in our corporate culture with an approach that involves humanity, accessibility and care. Safety today. Family tomorrow.

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