The Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance (LoganWIA) Reservoir Renewals project required Pensar’s skilled engineers to leverage years of maritime expertise to remediate and refurbish three reservoir projects across South-East Queensland – Mt Warren Park, Woodhill and Greenbank Reservoir complexes.

The recently completed Greenbank Reservoir, involved the rehabilitation of the existing water reservoir infrastructure consisting of two low level reservoirs and one elevated tower reservoir, commonly referred to as the wineglass structure because of its unique shape. The purpose of the project was to improve the water quality, maintain head pressure, and ensure the assets were future proofed.

The 40-metre-high elevated reservoir presented unique challenges including the design and construction of a complete roof structure as well as new access walkways, improved roof ventilation and enhanced access coupled with an innovative antenna support tower.

Michael Peterson, Pensar’s Project Manager said, “If you imagine a 40-metre-tall martini glass this will give you some visual as to what we were dealing with. Replacing the complete roof structure was challenging due to the access and elevation constraints presented by this structure. The only way to move materials was either a backpack or with a large mobile crane, which required effective planning and a rigorous hoisting schedule. The innovation opportunity was to leave the water inside the reservoir and hoist two 3 x 3m floating work pontoons into the reservoir, so we could undertake the improvements safely and efficiently. This innovation significantly improved safety during the works and was a fraction of the cost of traditional scaffolding and mitigated the risk of damaging the internal coating of the reservoir”

The Pensar team leveraged 3D scanning technology to aid in the structural steel metalwork and access design. This technology allowed Pensar to effectively communicate design concepts to the project’s broad range of stakeholders and minimise re-work and delays during installation works.

“The Pensar team enjoyed this project as it required us to think creatively to come up with some ingenious solutions. Our teams are used to working on pontoons and wharfs so this was a familiar environment for us, just at a higher altitude.”

Watch our video below for more on the project.