We sat down with Joel Martin to hear why he thinks a future at Pensar looks bright for Graduates.

Joel, a seasoned recruiter, business consultant and former Pensar employee himself, says that for graduates with the right mix of ambition, work ethic and “soft skills” — that is, the ability to get along with, learn from and help other people — Pensar offers “opportunities galore”.

“It’s a place to learn, change, grow and succeed”, he says.

“Pensar has created an environment that’s really good to work in. Everyone is proud of the company and the work they do, and they get a lot of satisfaction out of that. It is really authentic, the way this company operates.”

Pensar will put no limits on what graduates can achieve.

“There’s opportunities galore here if you’ve got the right attitude, It’s a supportive but also challenging environment,” says Joel. “If you want to get out of your comfort zone and test yourself and be the best you can be in whatever regard that is, whether it’s an engineer or some other role, it is an awesome place to work.”


“Graduates who gravitate toward companies such as Pensar often do so for the breadth of projects it can offer, regardless of its size. With its multi-disciplinary capabilities, Pensar can often adapt itself to take on projects a company twice the size might not.”


“Another big thing, for forward-thinking young people, is that there’s a lot of people from different walks of life, different geographical locations and different backgrounds. In the formative part of their life, they studied or worked in places such as the UK, Brazil or Colombia, and now they work for Pensar. This gives graduates the opportunity to learn from a diverse set of leaders, with varying industry experiences and processes.


“When it comes to finding the right employer, one that offers a range of projects, a strong culture and rewards talent and effort, there’s those that talk and those that do. Pensar is committed to the growth and development of its people, where you start with the company is not where you finish.”

On that score, Joel says, a future at Pensar looks bright.