At Pensar, the health and wellbeing of its people is a priority.  One of the company’s initiatives supporting this, is the availability for Pensar people to participate in daily fitness sessions across the disciplines of boxing, strength and movement. In 2021, Pensar people had access to 440 hours of boxing sessions with Coach Cyclone and 480 hours of strength and movement with Jackson Lennon.


Coach Cyclone thrives on supporting those at Pensar who enjoy physical activity, and encourages them to achieve the best of themselves through the art of boxing. He uses professionally tailored boxing protocols to build energy and camaraderie, regardless of each individuals’ fitness level.

Jackson and his Movement4 team practice pain free movement through a range of disciplines. They specialise in keeping people moving with intention and direction which is beneficial to all at Pensar, whether you work predominantly in an office or out on site. Jackson believes that education is the key to the process.