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A design and construct project is commonly referred to as a fully integrated method of delivery.  Working under a single contract as the head contractor enables planning for both the design and construction stages to take place collectively.  Specific challenges of a project can be considered at the conception stage and attention given to offering an innovative and customised solution for the client.  There is also the advantage of being competitive in meeting the design without over designing, yet still covering the client’s requirements.

Successful D&C projects start with a well-defined scope of works, presenting a great advantage for the contractor to be engaged with the client from the project conception stage. The scope of a project can be considered in its entirety and include anticipated risks, proposed mitigations and possible contingencies, lessening the potential of future disputes or action.  Clear and considered forward planning, stakeholder engagement and sub-contractor allocation can also play a part in the consideration of the design, potentially reducing the total project cost and construction timeframes.  This approach often identifies the strengths and more importantly the weaknesses of each design prior to the construction phase.

To further strengthen the delivery of a D&C project, Pensar encourages close client and stakeholder engagement, which can include engineering and optioneering workshops, regular meetings with client and technical teams and informative and efficient communication throughout the duration.  This is particularly beneficial to projects which may include ongoing operations and maintenance.

As well as our expertise, our people are passionate about the delivery of design and construct projects and look forward to achieving the clients desired result every time.   This is achieved by maximizing construction and output efficiencies which regularly reduces the project’s program and in turn lessens costs for the client. We understand clients’ needs and expectations and take pride in the diversity and quality of the project we deliver and the people we deliver it for.

Pensar recently delivered the following design and construct projects.

Murray River Council Bridge Upgrades – Eight locations, New South Wales

Pensar conducted concrete investigations and analysis of defects on eight bridges between Barham and Moulamein for the Murray River Council.  In collaboration with a consulting engineer, Pensar designed a suitable rehabilitation program to provide a solution to extend the service life of the assets which considered varying deterioration mechanisms.  The scope of works included concrete spall repair, concrete crack repair, cleaning of bridge components, protective coatings and structural strengthening.  Scientific evaluation of the defects allowed Pensar to develop a methodology and provide a solution that met the requirements of the client.

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Branyan Clear Water and PAC Reservoir – Bundaberg, Queensland

Pensar Infrastructure

Pensar was contracted for the design and construction of a new clear water storage and powered activated carbon tank system for the Bundaberg Regional Council.  The project involved the comprehensive D&C of a 5ML concrete clear water storage tank and 10m high PAC tank, bespoke four-way sloping roof support structure and 10m high multi-access tower.

During the design phase Pensar developed a 3D Navisworks Model to explain and deliver the design to the client, relevant designers and subcontractors. In addition to self-performing the concrete structures, Pensar completed the electrical design, certification and installation in-house.

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Cressbrook Dam C1 Pumping Station – Biarra, Queensland

Pensar Infrastructure


Toowoomba Regional Council engaged Pensar to extend the service life of the Cressbrook Dam C1 Pumping Station assets and improve its reliability.  The design and construct project was delivered in-house, with works including design, supply, install and commission of LV and HV power systems along with new PLC and SCADA control systems. Full functionality testing and optimisation of the new control system and HV protection scheme logic was also delivered.  The pump station continued operating during the upgrade works, ensuring a continued and reliable water supply.

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 Molendinar Backwash System and Electrical Upgrade

Pensar Infrastructure

The Molendinar Water Treatment Plant is the largest treatment plant on the Gold Coast, servicing the majority of the region.  Pensar was engaged for the upgrade of the backwash system coupled with a plant wide electrical upgrade.  This project was the largest upgrade to this treatment plant since its initial construction in the 1980’s and will ensure future capacity and reliability of the treatment plant, to service the growing community.

Pensar delivered the entire design and construct project, utilising its electrical, mechanical, civil and structural capabilities.  Innovative design methods such as 3D models and staging were implemented to communicate the necessary changes to the client. The scope of works included the upgrade of the existing backwash, fire and electrical systems, provision of new back-up power system along with replacement of the LV and HV systems, construction of new buildings and modifications of the control system and SCADA.

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