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United by Water – 2023 National Water Week

Water is a critical component to our very existence, and Pensar feels a sense of responsibility in what we do…

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Upcycling PPE

Pensar is always on the lookout for creative recycling opportunities in the drive to lessen landfill and champion environmental sustainability. …

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Building a climate-resilient planet: the people factor

Pensar’s Walgett Weir Raising and Fish Conservation Works featured in RSK’s recently released ‘Building a climate-resilient planet: the people factor’…

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On the water with Ocean Crusaders

In our continued support of Ocean Crusaders and initiated by Pensar’s Sustainability Committee led by our Sustainability Manager, Samantha Samuels,…

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One piece of plastic at a time

In our continued support of Ocean Crusaders and initiated by Pensar’s Sustainability Committee, we recently sponsored an Ocean Crusaders waterway…

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Pensar celebrates National Recycling Week

In celebration of National Recycling Week 2022, Pensar’s Sustainability Committee delivered environmentally inspired initiatives in their continued drive of encouraging…

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