Industry Solutions

Resources & Energy

Industry solutions: Resources & Energy Pensar provide infrastructure solutions for clients within the solar, wind, logistical solutions, and coal and gas sectors in Queensland and beyond. Drawing on our long established capabilities in power, structural, and civil... Read more

Power distribution

Industry solutions: Power distribution Pensar is an Energex and Ergon Energy approved provider and delivers electrical, gas, telecommunication, and data services on behalf of power distribution authorities. We construct power substations, install pit & pipe... Read more

Local government

Industry solutions: Local government Pensar serves regional and city councils with a broad range of infrastructure services. Over the past 20 years we have delivered a diverse range of projects, from building visitor information centres and public amenities buildings... Read more


Industry solutions: Defence We deliver a range of assets and essential services to the defence sector including runways, roads, facility upgrades, water & sewerage infrastructure, and power & telecommunication service installations. With the majority of... Read more


Industry solutions: Rail Pensar is an experienced provider of infrastructure solutions to the rail industry. Our broad range of capabilities enable us to deliver both highly specialised technical solutions as well as end-to-end management of complex multi-faceted... Read more

Maritime & Ports

Industry solutions: Maritime & Ports Pensar provides specialised services to meet the unique needs of maritime and port infrastructure. Our experienced team has successfully delivered a broad cross-section of projects including wharf refurbishments, boat ramp... Read more