Boxing our way to improved team performance

Meet Tyrone, Pensar’s resident boxing coach. No, not a typical job title for an infrastructure firm but this is one role that certainly packs some punch. At Pensar we place great emphasis on creating a positive and productive workplace, and a big part of that is providing opportunities for our people to engage in team building, personal development, and mindfulness activities. Perhaps a little surprisingly, boxing delivers on all of these elements.

Coach Tyrone is a former Australian boxing champion with some entrepreneurial flair to boot. He approached Pensar some years ago with an out-of-the-box (or ring!) idea to establish a boxing training and coaching facility – including a competition-standard boxing ring – onsite at Pensar. As a group that equally appreciates innovative thinking, we threw our hat in the ring and the arrangement was formed. As a result, we have access to regular boxing sessions before and after work, in addition to team building group sessions.

Improving fitness and team satisfaction

According to Group Business & HR Manager Louise Yunker, boxing delivers more than improvements in physical fitness. “We want to create an environment that fosters personal satisfaction and supports the overall productivity of the group. Having the boxing classes available onsite is just one way we can deliver this to our team.”

Plus training for your mind

Not only does boxing provide an excellent physical outlet, it also offers great mindfulness training. The simple nature of the activity forces you to be present and focused. Coach Tyrone’s sessions also facilitate commitment, teamwork and opportunities for self-development. “These are team sessions and there is the expectation to be committed and show up – no excuses. There’s also an element of trust involved, as there is light contact throughout the session.” This all translates into a deep sense of teamwork and trust that extends beyond the boxing ring and into day-to-day work interactions at Pensar.

Looking for a challenge?

For those who want to pursue personal goals, boxing also offers self-development pathways. A number of Pensar team members have trained and competed in amateur competitions and our HSEQ Manager Daryl Curran is currently in training for an event this year. And in the true spirit of self-development and giving something back, Pensar Managing Director Karl Yunker has trained to become a certified Level 1 Amateur Boxing Coach sanctioned by Boxing Australia. Tyrone’s boxing sessions are all part of creating a positive work environment and providing opportunities for the team to step up and face new challenges.

If you would like to learn more about life at Pensar and the opportunities available, please get in touch.

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