The world is continuing to use more and more concrete in construction and the need to maintain and repair this vital material is also growing. 

The deterioration of an asset can result from a number of internal or external factors and these sources can impact assets in numerous ways depending on the construction materials used and exposure to conditions. It’s the impact these factors have on an asset, along with economic considerations, that determines the structure’s performance and its need for replacement or rehabilitation.

Pensar’s specialised Infrastructure Rehabilitation capability allows us to extend the service life of assets while reducing the impact to the community and cost to the client. The impact of removing or replacing a structure is a lengthy process and often has a significant impact on the community. Infrastructure rehabilitation can reduce the time a structure is taken offline or keep it operational whilst work is in progress. The rehabilitation of a structure is often a more cost-effective solution, avoiding construction expenditure and costs associated with decommissioning a structure. 

Every project is different, presenting a unique challenge that requires a unique repair solution using the latest available technologies and techniques. At Pensar we develop a comprehensive asset management plan that considers the entire life-cycle of an asset and determine a strategy for long-term performance and maintenance. The key to effective asset rehabilitation or repair is early identification, a well-planned strategy and beginning repairs at the right time. 

Pensar employs the following three steps when approached for a rehabilitation project.

    1. Understanding the client’s needs and expectations
    2. Investigation of the asset to ensure the accurate diagnosis of the problem
    3. Development of a repair or remedial plan that will ensure the structure’s long-term serviceability and integrity 

The cause and severity of structural deterioration dictates what approach is required for service life extension. The choice of repair strategy will depend on a number of factors and it is important to engage experienced engineers to ensure the best course of action is recommended for a successful outcome. Pensar has completed numerous rehabilitation projects where we have worked alongside clients to understand their needs, the history of the asset and recommend the best course of action. Below are three of Pensar’s recent rehabilitation projects. 

Hunter Water Reservoir Refurbishments

Three reservoirs, constructed in the 1920s and 30s, were experiencing significant water loss through the wall and floor expansion joints. Pensar was engaged for the refurbishment of one above ground and two partially buried reservoirs. Hunter Water’s main objective was to stop the egress of water through joints and concrete defects. Pensar conducted an initial visual inspection and testing of concrete substrate to determine properties and the suitability of proposed remediation methodologies. The low strength concrete used at the time of construction led to Pensar finding solutions to increase the integrity of the substrate, thus ensuring that suitable jointing solutions would provide a long-term solution for the client.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation project for Hunter Water

Myrtleford Bridge Upgrade

The Alpine Shire Council engaged Pensar for the complete upgrade of an existing bridge in Myrtleford. The desired outcome was to increase the load limit to safely accommodate heavy vehicles and meet the current VicRoads requirements. Pensar worked with a local engineer who completed the initial investigation and provided a preliminary design for the installation of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers to strengthen all 8 headstocks. 

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Bridge Project

Churchill Island Bridge Repairs

Phillip Island Nature Parks engaged Pensar to repair areas of concrete spalling and crack repair, causing the ingress of chlorides and moisture into the bridge connecting Phillip Island and Churchill Island. With a steady stream of tourist buses and vehicles daily, it is crucial that this bridge is structurally sound and achieving its design life. The project team was to ensure that works did not disrupt the daily use of the bridge or deter tourists. Pensar worked with consulting engineers who had carried out Level 3 inspections. Our early intervention allowed us to investigate why various defects had initiated, and how we could provide solutions to minimise ongoing issues for the client. Working with consulting engineers, we provided a repair solution whilst also addressing original design issues.

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project by Pensar