Building on its diverse expertise and experience in civil projects, Pensar developed a dedicated utilities division to specialise in industrial engineering, power infrastructure and water infrastructure. These integrated, complementary areas of service are of growing emphasis for the company and industry.

With broad capabilities and credentials, Pensar has successfully delivered a range of highly specialised key utilities and associated infrastructure projects. These include water treatment plants, dam infrastructure, sewer pump stations, sewerage and water reticulation mains, stormwater systems, hospital facilities, street lighting and substations.

“The competence of the Pensar team was a refreshing change in the water industry. I was impressed with the responsiveness to queries and requests. The quality of the work was good, as were the safety and environmental aspects of the project. During the progression of Green Square Stormwater Offtake Pumping Station Project targets were met. Of particular note is the quality and frequency of the project reporting. The program was professionally run to meet the project outcomes for Flow. We look forward to future collaborations with Pensar.“

Ned Campbell
Project Delivery Team, Flow

With diverse expertise in power infrastructure development and implementation, Pensar has the capabilities to deliver power utilities projects ranging from street lighting and traffic signals, to above- and in-ground electrical reticulation for new and existing subdivision projects.


In addition to the group’s management systems and accreditations, Pensar Utilities has the following certifications:

  • Energex Ratings WCS 2, 34, 37, & 61
  • Ergon Reticulation Accreditation
  • Electrical Contractor’s Licence – QLD and NSW
  • Master Electricians Australia Member

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With considerable experience in water infrastructure development, Pensar has successfully delivered a wide range of water utilities projects, from stormwater systems and sewerage works to highly specialised water treatment and sewer pump station facilities.


In addition to the group’s management systems and accreditations, Pensar Utilities Water are on the following panels;

  • QUU Panel Arrangement for the Design and/or Construction of Water and Sewerage Reticulation Systems
  • QUU Panel Arrangement for the Design and/or Construction of Mechanical, Electrical, Control Systems and Civil Works
  • Seqwater Maintenance and Minor Works Panel
  • Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance (LoganWIA) Water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure works panel
  • Cairns Regional Council Register of Pre-qualified Suppliers for Water and Wastewater Works
  • Brisbane City Council Construction and Rehabilitation of Transport and Drainage Infrastructure Panel

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