Yarrabilba – Rising Sewer Main & Pump Station Construction

Utilities, Water

Project Highlights

–   Installation of 5km of 300-450 PVC, PE & DI pipe between new pump station and existing Council pump station.
–  Construction of new pump station including D&C Ferric Chloride dosing system complete.
–  Over 3km of directional drilling and microtunneling complete for different services.
–  Multiple work crews involving up to 4 drill crews and 3 pipe crews required to service the different work areas simultaneously during the works to complete works to program deadlines.
–  Direct liaison with residents and businesses.


Lend Lease Communities


Logan Village


January 2014 – August 2014

Client References   

Adam Dunn

Project Overview

The Yarrabilba Sewer Rising Main and Pump Station project consisted of the construction of 3 stages of works including a rising sewer main, gravity sewer main and pump station (PS1).

Pipeline Works:

–  Construction of gravity and pressure sewer main along Waterford Tamborine Rd
–  Pipe install up to 6m deep with open and shored trenching on grades up to 1 in 500
–  Directional drilling to navigate main in and around existing trees and services
–  Microtunneling using both 450mm and 600mm MS envelopers and DI carrier pipe
–  Installation of Telstra, APA Gas and Opticomm services via open trenching and directional drilling

Pump station works:

–  Construct 9m deep pump station complete including all structural, mechanical, electrical and telemetry/control works.
–  D&C of Ferric Chloride dosing system to suit new pump station.
–  Commissioning, testing and handover to Council.

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