North Pine Water Treatment Plant Filter Refurbishment

Utilities, Water

Package 2 – consisted of the following works:

–     Supply and install fabricated underdrain system

–     System includes 5000+ nozzles with reinforced concrete plenum floor

–     Fabrication and installation of new SS filter components including:

–     4 large troughs incl. supports

–     New air scour system incl. high level distribution network

–     Media installation of garnet and filter materials using gantry crane and laser level

–     Works included scraping, soaks and backwashing to ensure integrity of media

–     Installation of new gantry crane and other temporary measures to enable installation and construction

–     Replacement of surface water wash system

–     Completion of final air patter testing, disinfection and commissioning of new system


Project Highlights

–       Stage one completed on time and on budget.

–       Stage two completed under budget and four weeks ahead of schedule.

–       No safety or environmental incidents.

–       Constructed around a filter building within an operational water treatment plant.

–       High level of interaction with site operations staff.


North Pine, QLD


SEQ Water


November 2012 – May 2014

Client References   

Gary Patterson

Project Overview

In November 2012 Pensar was engaged by Seqwater to undertake the refurbishment of filter 4 at the North Pine Water Treatment Plant. This consisted of two work packages; package one involving the demolishing of the existing filter system including all major structural repairs. Package two included; supply and installation of the new filter system.

Package 1 – consisted of the following works:

–     Coordinating removal of the existing filter media

–     Removing and disposing of 56L/m of concrete troughs

–     Removal and disposal of 150 L/m of asbestos pipes fittings

–     Removal and disposal of 20m3 of potential contaminated asbestos media

–     High pressure (10,00PSI) cleaning of the internal filter walls to allow a detailed repair report

–     Apply 240m2 of HB70 Renderoc (due to the condition of the existing walls)

–     Construction of the new end wall

–     Repair to all construction/expansion joints within side the filter

–     Installation of the new media

–     Application of epoxy coating to protect media


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