Molendinar Water Treatment Plant Clarifier No.2

Utilities, Water

Project Highlights

  • Early project completion, 2 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Successful removal and install of butterfly valve without a full water isolation necessary
  • Approximately 1000m2 of new cementitious lining to the clarifier walls including over 200m of joining







Molendinar, QLD


June 2015 to August 2015

Project Reference

Alan Cupitt

Engaged by Seqwater, Pensar Utilities undertook a complete refurbishment Clarifier No.2 at the  Molendiner Water Treatment Plant. the project comprised design and construction of a new 900 diameter inlet valve with pedestrian platform to allow suitable isolation of the clarifier for future works.

Pensar interfaced with Seqwater operators to ensure isolations and interlinking our works with other plant operations to ensure supply was continuously maintained. Additionally, weekly quality inspections were implemented to reduce defects risk, ensuring the overall program was reduced as much as possible whilst incorporating additional works.

Along with the main concrete lining and jointing works were several other refurbishment elements including;

  • steel truss repairs
  • design and install of new walkway enabling valve operations
  • inlet pipe lining refurbishment
  • replacement of rake drive motors and gearbox
  • refurbishment of re-activator basin assembly
  • restoration and repair of rake arms, resetting all rubbers to improve sludge removal processes


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