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With a positive and collaborative work culture, Pensar comprises a close-knit team of diversely experienced, highly committed people.

The company has a tradition of providing its people with the opportunity and support to build their careers and enjoy their work.

Pensar is committed to training and development, which has been recognised with several awards, including a National Safety Council Award.

Pensar is always interested to hear from good people keen to do good work. All enquiries will be treated with strict confidence.

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  • ”You’ve got to love a place where you can wear Batman Converse sneakers and still be taken seriously. Though I keep my heels handy if needed. Pensar feels like a family. There’s a strong team commitment. Everyone works together and enjoys their work. We have excellent relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers.“
    Sophie Ivelja
    Assistant Financial Controller
  • ”I completed university and worked for ten years in engineering in Sri Lanka before moving to Australia. Finding work in a new country is difficult without local industry experience. Pensar gave me that experience, then gave me a job. It’s a good company to work for—very friendly and supportive, with a very high standard and wide variety of work. Pensar is the reason I now have a career in Australia.“
    Uditha Manage
    Project Engineer, Pensar Civil
  • ”Pensar has been really good to me. I came here from the UK. They’ve given me an opportunity and the training and support to develop my role in the company. I really appreciate what Pensar has done for me. The lads are very easy to work alongside. Everyone is extremely down to earth and professional. We do team building classes and boxing together. Taking a swing at the boss is good therapy!“
    Cepie Clerkin
    Project Administrator

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